Asian W

Particular date Your Oriental Lady

Asian WHer thick, voluminous hair tumbled past her shoulder in rivers, ending just at her lower back. It was crimped a little, not curly, and perfectly framed her oval shaped face. Her big, blue eyes sparkled, enhanced a little by Photoshop, a clear azure blue that resembled the ocean that I loved so much. Her lips were a light pink, eyelashes a deeper black than normal, coated with some natural mascara. Her face and skin was perfect, clear of any pimple, a little tanned from the last time I had seen her. Her dress was truly magnificent, a creamy baby blue color that accented her eyes, with thin straps and a loose gathering at the bust. It was tight around her waist, emphasizing her hourglass figure, Asian W then became less restricting around the hips. It ended just above the knee, Asian W the flaring skirt cutting off abruptly, an old fashioned petticoat, layers and layers of white lace that puffed out the bottom part of the dress, clearly shown underneath.

Her sandals, a dull silver, had laces that wound up to her knees, almost like the fashions in roman times. It truly was an unique and beautiful dress that fit an unique and beautiful perso, Asian W. Daichi hugged her back, “No, she kept me in her dungeo, Asian W.

I remembered you telling me to summon Nike if she ever got me, and I did but the Queen had cast a type of spell.

She couldn’t hear me until this morning.” He said as he pulled back. “Just pick one.” Hunger coiled deep, but he reminded himself that he was to give her what she needed first. His female would always come first – in more than one way. “He’s going to kill me!” I screamed.

I heard my mother’s voice and was sure I was dead. He suddenly smirked, “You’re cute when you’re mad.” Suddenly, another taste of horror explodes in the scent. Hail is beginning to fall, and he can tell that she has been hit. Her eyes, as she looks up, are listless. She stares past him, as if she doesn’t notice he is even there.

Painful tears evacuate her, pouring down her form. A small gash on her leg emits dark droplets of blood. He suddenly feels the need to protect her, to guard her. What is he doing, just standing here? He needs to move! “The rumba!” he said. Hell no, I am not saying that. It sounds weird and that is so not me, if I say it

Asian W