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Asian Woman AgingI tucked myself up against him and rested my head on his chest. He strong arms wrapped around me, holding me close.

The sound of his steady breathing, combined with the energy expended in our lovemaking, I soon drifted off into a beautiful sleep. A few more seconds of this torture, and then the command fades away, ceasing to exist.

The red retreats from the teen’s eyes, leaving a spectacular chestnut color. He is sweating, life truly returned to him. His stench slowly morphs into a neutral aroma, faintly sweet. He is emotionless for a minute, and then erupts into a spectacular smile.

“Are you an angel?

” he finally asks after staring for a moment.

He is gazing at me as if I am a sky full of stars, with wonder and awe. Is his image of me a little warped?

I start to run, my feet flying, even blurring as I pound to my bed. Once I am there, I bury myself below the covers, trying to quell the thumping of my heart. Before, I never would have cared about dying, but now I don’t want it. It used to be so close that I could kiss its dry, crackled lips, but now I fear it. He said nothing for a few lingering seconds, Asian Woman Aging then turned to face me. “Okay,” he said carelessly, opening the door on the passenger side so I could get i, Asian Woman Aging. chapter twenty-­seven “Jodie, what’s going on? You won’t answer any of my calls; you stayed with him last night, and now your here at 5 in the morning!

Man, I never out you down as that type of girl.” Declan spat at me, after a second failed attempt to get anywhere near to me. “A little bit,” he looked away. “Although I would buy it back in a second if I could.” “This is the reason why we exist,” Ray says softly, “we live for a purpose, and once that is completed, we die… and all you’re saying is is that all? Seriously, Mona.” “Do you want to go in?” I move to where he was leaning and sit on my knees, staring at his face. He looks so… troubled. Even though I bet he doesn’t realize it himself.

“What is it?” A gust of horrific wind blasts the window open, Asian Woman Aging the glass pounding against the stone walls. Leaves swept by the gales soon follow, flying into my room by the doze, Asian Woman Aging.

Racing to the problem, I swing it shut, Asian Woman Aging the sound resounding within the mansio, Asian Woman Aging. I promise, I promise “Yes.” I looked back to the ground and watched my tears slowly drip one by one to the hard cold cement. Text: Story copyright © 2012 Angel, unless otherwise stated

Asian Woman Aging