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Asian Women For DatingWhen we were finally back in my driveway, I grabbed the handle to open the door. Click was all I heard before I tried to open the door. He locked it. I took a deep breathe and said “Open the damn door before I break it.” He stayed quiet then spoke. “Only if you promise to forget everything that just happened at the movie theater.” I was shocked.

He was asking me to forget EVERYTHING.

I ran towards Nikki’s bedroom and saw her lying in her bed. “Why don’t you knock before you enter? ” she asked.

“I’m sorry Nikki, I really am! And I just want to let you know that our parents are now on their way to Hawaii; they said that there’s an emergency” I explained.

“Thanks for the info and you can now leave” she said. Instead of walking out I lay down beside her and embraced her. “Get out!” she shouted.

“No! I will not get out until you’ll forgive me” I said. “Apology accepted, now get out!” she mumbled.

I tapped her forehead and I felt heat. “Are you okay?” I asked. She didn’t respond that makes me more worried. “Nikki?

” I whispered.

Still no reply; I pull her close to mine and put my hand to her neck. “Shit! Nikki you’re sick!” I yelled. I quickly ran downstairs to grab some medicine and water. When I got the medicine I suddenly went to her bedroom.

“Here take this, it can help you” I whispered.

She got up and takes the medicine; she lay back to her bed freezing. “You can leave now, I can handle myself” she said. “Why would I? I will stay here whether you like it or not” I responded. “Whatever I just” she fell asleep.

I chuckled and lay down beside her not knowing that I also fall asleep.

I stood still for who knows how long. Long enough, however, to draw attention from Cole. He walked into the kitchen, after a few minutes of silence.

“Maybe, but Lissa, this sounds like it’s about revenge for your hurt feelings over his rejecting you. Is this really about the rivalry anymore?” Even after everything I thought we shared, Cash never called me. I waited for three weeks, and not a peep. Not even a text message.

It was like that night had never happened—and sometimes I wondered if maybe it hadn’t. If I’d imagined it. Dreamed it up as a way to get over Randy. Like an idiot, I hadn’t gotten Cash’s number for myself. “Begging pardon?

” His tongue was heavy in his mouth. His mind had never been so well…fucked over. He rushed to me and pressed his body against mine, “I like you shirtless.

Asian Women For Dating