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Asian Women GalleryI say nothing, slightly offended. “Watch out!” I scream as I throw a glistening spear directly towards them. It heads straight through the two Shifters and vanishes when it reaches Danae’s body. I cry out when the Shifters collapse on the sand, running towards them and stabbing them with my newly constructed sword, actually splitting them in half this time. At this point weapons are just magically appearing left and right, and most of the time I don’t even know what they are when I throw them. The appearances seem to be fueled by my emotions, in desperation the sword, in hope the spear, and in sadness the arrows. He raised an eyebrow at me as I rubbed my arms and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me into him. Damn him, as soon as he touched me, my entire body warmed completely. I shifted uncomfortably.

“Dan…” ” . . . and the last contestant is Jason Cohen! Please give a big, big, BIG round of applause for all of the contestants!!!!!” the speaker announced.

The crowd went wild and applause. I smiled at Jaso, Asian Women Gallery.

Rolling my eyes, I walked up to my bed. Sea’s POV. “This.” I said pointing to him and I “Oh.” So here I am, being cautious everywhere I go. He chuckled and took the found – ring out my hand. A tingle arose within me as her name rose to the surface, dwelling on the tip of my tongue. Finally, my lips uttered the name I had been pushing to the corner of my mind for the last three weeks.

I’m free tomorrow till 4.00pm, we could go to lunch then, what do you think?

“Just what?” I asked, picking up my own Diet Coke and taking a sip. “I’d prefer not, Dex.” I apologized. “I get uncomfortable around shirtless guys.” In reality, I would be uncomfortable with HIM shirtless, any other guy would be fine. I pause at the refrigerator, turning my head at the sound of his voice.

I smile a little, grabbing a few eggs and shutting the door afterwards.

Wes weaves his way towards me, his movements fluid and smooth. “Fine…” she whispered as I walked away, letting me know what she was thinking about. I look down at her doll, it’s leg has been broken off “Oh sweetie, don’t worry, we’ll fix it.” “You know it” “ You alright Ty?” he asked.

Sadie was dancing with Jack, of course, Asian Women Gallery their bodies melding together in perfect alignment, easily the best dancers on the floor. Their elegance was displayed throughout the whole building, Asian Women Gallery their love amplified.

Everything they ever wanted was coming together this very day. I, however, was rather pleased.

Asian Women Gallery