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Asian Women In UsaBack to Nikki, well after they’ve kissed Nikki and the familiar man I hide to the dark side of the house praying that Nikki will walk there. I grabbed her and hug her tight! I felt a spark running through my veins and I hope she felt the same way too. I never felt it before not even in Myka’s body. I let go of her because she asked it to. I want to go home but there’s a part of me telling me that I must stay, I looked at Nikki who was so curious to know who I am it’s so dark though. At first I don’t want to let her know but after drinking many alcoholic drinks, I have no choice but to drag her towards the bathroom!

Awkward isn’t it? But who cares, I thought Nikki can walk but she’s weakening and a little bit dizzy. When we get inside the bathroom I turn on the lights and I saw her with a confused look! Now you know! “Nick? What the hell?” she yelled.

“Why are drinking? Why do you let to be kissed by that guy?” I asked angrily without a doubt.

“Why you care? You said it yourself, we’re used to be best friends mind if I was happy about it?” she responded.

“Even so! Your mom and dad trusted me to look after you! I don’t want them to get disappointed! ” I yelled. “Looks who’s talking!

You know what just talked to your bitch liar girlfriend and leave me alone” she yelled back. I don’t know what I’m thinking but I pulled her crushed my lips to hers she give me few punches but lately responded to my kiss; I wrap my arms to her waist and she snakes her hands to my neck, I bit her lower lip asking for access and she did granted it. I explore her mouth and she did the same thing to mine; I kiss her neck down to her collar bone and sucked it in my surprise she moaned which turns me on she pushed back and I smiled “What are we doing?

I’m a little bit dizzy Nick I want to go home” she mumbled. “Okay! I’ll drive you home” I said. We walked out to the bathroom and head to the front door when suddenly I saw Myka kissing other boys half naked.

I was in between of shocked and doubt I assist Nikki to sit down on a vacant single chair and went straight to Myka. “What are you doing?

” I asked but surprisingly I’m not mad or anything. Why would I be mad? I also cheated on her. “You know what Nick! I don’t love you anymore so we’re done!” she smirked.

“What did you just say?” I asked confusingly but now I want a serious answer. “Look, when I came left you I felt like, I can live without you and I freaked out when I felt that I don’t love you anymore!” she smirked.

Asian Women In Usa