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Asian Women Journal

There was a pause between us, “Ummm, well, never mind.” One lap left. With that set in mind I ran as fast as I could with my burning legs. I was only a little bit away from coach. “Yup.” She yelled “Well if it makes you feel any better, I think you’re beautiful. With the evil glares he’s giving me now, I wouldn’t be surprised if he accepted you tonight. Honestly, Taylor’s a genius.

Gotta give her some credit for making a pretty good plan,” Zane chuckled.

“Good.” he said. I could feel his warmth moving away from me until I heard the door ope, Asian Women Journal. He slowly and gently took my wist and helped me out of the car. “Uh…” What am I going to say? I narrowed my eyes at Dad. “With who?” “Tongue.

” Kayden sang I looked at my feet. Jason pulled his hand away and he tuck a stand of hair behind my ear. I swear Jason is in his flirt mode. We continued to walk and our foot step sounds different. The floor sound like it’s made of wood. Eve’s face grew deathly white. She seemed helpless in Akemi’s grip and under Ayako’s death glare.

Then, she took a single look at me, and a touch of red graced her cheeks. “So where do you guys want to go first?” Sea asked as we walked into the mall. “Ok so what’s he doing here?” Make up all over the pillow “At my favorite breakfast place.

” ‘Erm, Finn told me to come here to help him with school work.. You know that he kind of struggles in Art and since I’m quite good at it, I thought why not help him?’ I said, smiling.

“Taylor dear, would you like something to eat?” Mrs. Knight asked.

Jason stopped and turn back to me. “What are you guys doing here?” I looked up, as I struggled with poor Peter, at the beautiful night sky. It was pure black, an ebony that contrasted with the bright lights decorating the ferris wheel, Asian Women Journal the colors reaching into the night, yet only stealing the darkness directly around it. Stars twinkled, but seemed to back away from the brightness the park was emitting, staying towards the moon and away from the spectrum of colors. Just looking at their beauty seemed to strengthen me, encouraging me. I suddenly remembered that my fellow students watched TV also, and they probably saw me sing. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. I sang… in front of… the whole…


Asian Women Journal