Asian Women Most Beautiful

Complimentary Courting

Asian Women Most BeautifulXavier huffs to the other chair. Glancing at me, he asks quietly, “why is everyone looking at us?” “Vanessa, I -” “ Art go away!” I screamed sitting up and turning myself around and sinking into the couch. I was running, running so slow, and I couldn’t run any faster.

I glanced back and shrieked, John was gaining on me. I choked on a sob as I kept running.

But suddenly I ran flat out into a wall, and the wall turned out to be Gram. Gram smiled menacingly at me and grabbed my shoulders as I screamed, trying to get away. He yelled my name and shook my shoulders once more. I struggled to get out of his grasp, fear enclosing around my heart as John came closer, a knife gleaming in his left hand. “See you two tomorrow” said Leslie and turns to Damien whose laying on one of the benches “Oi, Damien we’re going, come on” and grabbed his hand and left Declan beeped his horn loudly and wound his window down, stretching his arm out and waving to the group opposite. I looked at him like he was crazy – trying to figure out why he would do that to people that he didn’t even know. One boy pointed to the car and him, along with the rest of the group came walking over all laughing. There is a whoosh, and a familiar pair of bronzed arms sweeps me up into a tender embrace.

“You sure are clumsy,” musical, manly chuckles escape Xavier as he stands me back up. I look up into his green eyes, so incredibly beautiful, feeling myself slipping. “Look what you did!” Sadie said angrily, “Now I’ll have to find another parking spot! And all because you got me all worked up…” CHAPTER FOUR Marissa was sat on the sofa with a half empty bottle of wine next to her and a empty glass in her hand singing away to music that she had playing. I could tell by the slur in her words that he was drunk.

I walked into the room and shouted hi at her, though she didn’t hear me over the music. I went to sit next to her, almost falling over an empty bottle of wine that was laying on the floor. She grabbed the remote and turned the music down so we could talk. “Since when do you lock your door to take a shower?

” He questioned

Asian Women Most Beautiful