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Asian Women To MarryXavier walks up to me, scooping me into his arms. The warmth of his chest envelopes me, and I drink in the wonderful scent he possesses. Without a word passing between us, he carries me through the empty hallways. “Where are you?” Dylan’s voice was on the other line. I nodded, smiling back. Gabriel looked at Meredith when Blair pulled away, “Anything happens to her I’ll kill you.” He growled at her. He looked Blair and stroked a finger down Blairs cheek, “I’ll be inside.” He whispered before turning on his heel and walking back inside.

It was only us two in the room. ‘Can the people who will be travelling to Scotland, please come to their gates. Thank you.’ I heard the speaker blare out. We both looked at eachother. Well this is it. The first ever time I’m going on a plane.

The first time I’m ever going to leave Mum. This is it. I looked at Damian; he seemed to have heard, because he was looking at me confused.

He lifted his head and howled, signaling that we all meet back at the house.

‘We need to talk about what he said.’ Damian said. “Yeah,” he said when he pulled away. I nodded feeling completely dazed.

Instantly I notice his bare chest, rippled with muscles. He sits up against the pillow, his head in his hands. “I didn’t mean for this to happen,” he sighs apologetically, glancing at me cautiously.

“Do you know where I live?” She asked them and Brad turned around in his seat and gave her a cheeky smile. so i finish my breakfast and headed upstairs to get ready.3o minutes later…. “There is no way I’m going to allow Dex to stay in my house when there’s a perfectly good hotel a few blocks away…” Half of those girls were telling – no – threatening me to stay away from him. How am I suppose to stay away from him if we live in the same stinking house?!

There were death words spray painted on my locker and desk. Not to mention all the letters from the obsessed fan girls of Dylan’s. Man, lots of girls must desire that jerk.

Asian Women To Marry