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Chapter 7 (Leo’s POV) “Wait…why are you giving me these keys?” She asked Zane. *Skip this to end of the day everybody went in and left school while I was with Mrs. Fianna* “I would like you to become one of my personal chamber maids.” He said. I knew this was an honor and I was looking forwards to it. James was interesting, and very good-looking for that matter. And I might get some information from him. I took a step away from him, closer to Mrs. Karam.

“Just…asking your mom. Ab-About, er-, when we could work together.” Man, my lying was getting horrible.

I can tell, Luke knew it also. That’s when I was woken up by Cole; he was holding both of my shoulders, gently shaking me and repeating my name over and over. I stopped creaming and sat up straight. I looked around the room, it was dark and I knew the sun would be rising soo, Asian Women Uk. I gave him a killer glare, and he laughed. “Okay, so I do have a reputatio, Asian Women Uk.

But two things prevented me from ditching you this morning. One, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t make sure you were okay after last night. And two, I’m waiting for Ingrid to get here.” ****** “Enemies?

” I forced a laugh. “No, of course not. It’ll be fine. As long as you don’t try any of your battle tactics on me, I’ll be good.” I winked at him, and he grinned. “Oh that is the nickname he decided he’ll give me” she said “Isn’t Simone” I can’t afford to miss class in Berson High. Random thoughts are distracting me, making it difficult for me to listen to the Council.

Xavier’s face keeps appearing before me, his green eyes staring into my soul. I try to think of what he would tell me right now, and the imaginary Xavier’s expression morphs into a face of pure despair. ”your o, Asian Women Uk.” I held my hand out for his ice cream. He handed me it and I took a lick. My eyes widened and Yeah, yeah ‘So when?’ I said. “Than would you like your float?

Or a safety belt?” he said, handing me my snorkling gears at me. “Hey, could you keep it down? Seriously,” I said to Randy just as one of Kyle’s buddies yelled, “Fuck you!” back at us.

Asian Women Uk