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Asian Women Western MenDylan was one of her closest friends. She seemed to feel closer to him than any of her friends. He was as close to a gentleman as they got. Not like all the other guys at Riverton High. He didn’t care about fooling around with girls, Asian Women Western Men then leaving them heartbroke, Asian Women Western Men. Taylor was happy that they were friends.

She even got along with his girlfriend, Molly. They were practically meant for each other. A pang of envy hit Taylor, as she herself wished for a budding romance like Dylan and Molly.

It’s not like she liked Dylan, but she wished she could have someone as equally kind and caring as him. Being such a helpless romantic herself, she always wished for her own prince charming; still waiting it seemed. One would never have guessed that Taylor never had a boyfriend, however, it was true. Always buried in homework and worrying about school never gave her the time or effort to put on a flirty smile and charm some guys. He knew he had to get her to a doctor quickly so he picked her up and carried her to the boat. She did not way much, she had been thin when he’d seen her for the first time and now she’d lost even more weight.

He gently placed her on the floor of the boat and made her more comfortable with a blanket which he always had on board. He went back to get her bags. He rowed towards the shore but then realized that it was better if nobody knew who she was. Word would spread around town and Dardoland would be ridiculed for all time to come. He looked at her and decided that they would have to observe her very carefully to find out she was royal. He got to the shore and tied his boat to the dock. He then lifted her up and walked towards the first carriage he could see and told the driver to ride to the palace as soon as possible.

He still had Cleopatra in his arms. At the palace one of the guards opened the carriage door. He looked extremely surprised when he saw the girl in Durwald’s arms. “Let me take one,” he tells Ray, holding out his arms slightly.

Ray rolls his eyes, and soon I find myself in Xavier’s strong arms. I almost sigh with relief as I lean back against his chest—although I hate to admit it—I have missed this so much.

Asian Women Western Men