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Asian Women WithI quickly dropped my smile and headed to my seat, not willing to start any rumors. I could just imagine them… whispers about Eve’s love, why she refused to go out with Peter, details the public never should’ve uncovered. The ugly truth. “Oh… so THAT’S why your jaw was hitting the floor,” I laughingly joked.

It was fun to tease Dex, for he wasn’t very good at comebacks, leaving him with a blush on his cheeks.

“Why does Vincent get to touch her like that?!” Jerriko asked/yelled “ That’s not true. I sucked in a breath and automatically went into a coughing fit; the room was filled with smoke.

I panicked, running and jumping over the wall of fire to get to my window. The first thing I hear is a horrific scream, cutting through the air and fog with an intensity that swallows the silence, only leaving the nameless dread in my heart.

He turns to the sound of my laughter, startled.

Once he realizes that it is directed at him, a blush spreads across his cheeks. “I didn’t want anything to get on my clothes!

” he nearly squeals.

Stay still What am I going to do with you? “Freak-nut.” I muttered Then Will came down stairs and he looked HOT, not that he doesn’t look hot all the time just he looks HOT there’s a big difference “Not so bad yourself junior.” He said chuckling “Right.

I’m glad you came by.” The letter gripped in my hand caught my attention again and I softened.

A sigh escaped my lips. I couldn’t make her. I would find her and show her my love, but I would never make her do anything.

But I guess I need to say sorry of whosoever are you; your boyfriend didn’t tell HIS USED TO BE BEST FRIEND that he already got a girlfriend” I answered.

“Nikki…” Nick wanted to say something when suddenly my little sister shouted. “Lunch is ready” we all nodded and walk to the alfresco.

I let them walked first so now I was behind them! Is this really the role of a used to be best friend or friend? Shit! This is the best horrible day ever!

Asian Women With