Asian Women Wrestling

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Asian Women Wrestling

“Don’t tell me that you want that KISS?” he grinned. EEEEW! Fuck! Well his lips were so soft; and kill me now because he’s my first kiss. My best friend was my first kiss? “Kiss your girlfriend!

I’m hungry!

” I shouted. “Okay, okay” he responded.

We race towards the kitchen and grab some cereal and milk. We silently ate our breakfast and put our own plates in the dishwasher. WHAT AN AWKWARD SILENT!

“Hey Nikki? ” he started.

“Hmmm?” I mumbled. “Can we just forget about yesterday? I mean could we just forget the KISS?” he said. “Why?” I asked.

Before he could respond my question the doorbell rang. “I’m on it!” he mumbled. He walked straight to the door and I followed him. “Hey! How’s the flight? ” he asked.

FLIGHT? WHO THE HELL IS THIS PERSON? As I arrived at the doorway I saw MYKA?! “Hey Nikki, good morning” she greeted.

“Morning” I responded. What she’s doing here? I thought she wanted to give Nick and me a time. “Oh! Nick babe I miss you so badly” she sigh. Before Nick could respond Myka gave him peck on the lips which makes me narrowed my eyes in surprise. “I miss you more babe” Nick responded and he gave her a peck. Well HELLO?

I’m standing in front of you? “Babe, can you show me around on your village? It’s quiet big” Myka said sweetly. “Well, of course babe only if Nikki will come with us” he responded.

“Well, Nikki can come along with us!” she smiled. “Uhm? Excuse me but I have something to do. So why don’t you have time on your own?” I put my best fake smile.

“Are you sure?” Nick asked. “Yes” I replied. “But Nikki, we don’t know if we can go back home early” Myka sigh. “That’s alright!

I’m big enough I don’t need a baby sitter and I really need to go to my 8th grade friend’s party” I explained. “Well, is it ok if we go along now leaving you behind? ” Nick asked.

“As if you haven’t done it; so I guess I need to leave you here! Enjoy!” I smiled.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I apologized quickly to appease the witch.

“I’ll be singing Release Me,” I suddenly gained confidence, a warm fuzzy feeling taking over, winning the fight I waged with my extreme nervousness. This was mine and Dex’s song, and I was going to sing it the best I possibly could.

Asian Women Wrestling