Asiatic Women

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Asiatic WomenA small area catches my eye, and I see the tiny fruits peppered among several bushes near the water. “Is that where you guys got the fruit?”I ask, distracted by the prospect of getting food. We were dropped off one by one: Shawna, Drake, Sophie, Misty, and me. As Misty shut the car door and ran into the lighted house, I jumped into her seat. Cole looked at me, and smiled his crooked smile.

He was actually quite cute…if you think about it. J We talked a bit about his job; he works as a model for Abercrombie and Fitch, which is funny since he isn’t a preppy.

But I’m glad he’s not, otherwise I would have never met him. We talked some about his family and mine…and about my stupid arranged marriage.

I know, it’s odd, since I barely know this kid, but I feel like I can trust him…it’s just this inner feeling, you know? I’ll… Well, I’ll make Logan think of some way to make them pay, because I’m pretty useless.” “Yes you are! If you are on TV, you’re famous,” he insisting, a smile playing on the edge of his mouth.

Hey baby, can’t believe it’s nearly your last day here. I’m gunna miss you so much. Don’t make plans for tonight if you can, I’m taking you somewhere special.

We all piled into Cole’s dirty, mud-splattered Mustang. Misty sat shotgun, while Sophie and I jumped into the middle seats.

Shawna and Drake sat in the back. Drake was listening to his I-pod Touch, while Shawna was repeatedly looking at her watch and saying, “Does this car go any faster?” Sophie, Misty and I were cracking up over some stupid Twilight jokes, and Cole was as quiet as night.

“Carla, this is Jake. You’d better open this door, or you’re fired!” Carla gaped at me, her eyes huge, asking me what to do. We heard all the guys down stairs. The music was blasting.

How could she just leave me? I have tried so hard! I paced the room, I screamed, I cried, I sat silently. I would search for her, and I would make her come back to me. I would force her to love me, I would… I cant. I won’t be like all the other men in her life. I don’t know how long I stood there.

I zone out a lot. But I was pulled out of my reverie when the bell rang. I looked outside my bedroom window and saw a sleek, black limousine. Ooh, pricey! Definitely not Alice, she drives an old, crappy slug bug. My gaze drifts back to the limo. Wait, that means my husband-to-be is already here! Yay me—note the sarcasm.

“Why would you think it was over?” Ellen questioned. “You didn’t ask me about it.”

Asiatic Women