Cookware Bouncing


Offering me his arm, he leads me out into the garde, Asyal?k?zlar. The nervous butterflies return as we walk, upsetting my stomach.

Em. “ Watch it freshey!” a familiar voice said. I looked up and saw a smirking Troy, and he was hanging out with five other guys which I did not know. I got up, and took a step closer to Troy, and brought my fist up and hit him in the stomach.

“Let’s just get it over with,” Xavier says, propelling me into the room to find our desks. The stares are worse here, people openly scavenging me, scanning my new appearance. It is just like before, except that I am practically imprisoned in here with them until the mischievous bell rings.

“I love you too kiddo. Oh, and nice try – you held out longer than normal this time.” He said smiling and kissing my head. “College has been a wall for us, huh?” crazy, Ali.” I began laughing.

“Goddamn, I can’t believe I fucked the prince of Saudi Arabia! You royal son of a bitch, why didn’t you tell me?” “Lissa,” Dad scolded. “Stop that.” There is a sudden knock on the old, wooden door, Asyal?k?zlar the sound reverberating around the orphanage.

I glance around quickly.

Ms. Penn is nowhere to be found, probably in her office to write me up for another cleaning duty. I walk to the shaken door, where even one polite knock can hurt the worn wood immensely.

“I’m done,” he throws over his shoulder, and I look at his perfectly clean plate. How can he eat so fast? “Sh-she’s preg. She’s fu-king pregnant! He did this to her!” As the word exited her mouth I could feel myself collapse and black out. Its over, Asyal?k?zlar they know. Im done. I laughed, letting Dallas pull me into a standing position, “Crutches, please.

” ☞ Favorite girl character: “Thanks see you guys.” I shouted to the twins and make Romeo wave by moving his paw up and dow, Asyal?k?zlar. We walked to Cole’s car, and climbed in quickly. It had slowed down raining, but “Now for the second part of the plan,” Taylor smiled mischievously and walked over towards the others. Zane, Leo’s brother walked over to Natasha and asked her to dance.

Although, Zane was pretty hot, she felt bad for using him; however, he kept reassuring her it was fine. He was in on the plan as well, and he didn’t mind as long as he got to dance with a girl as beautiful as Natasha. “Whore.”