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Noah walked around to my side and held my waist. Everyone was staring.

The girls smiled in approval and some even whispered in my ear when I passed them “Good Job.” Most of the guys looked jealous and some looked happy for Noah. Some even came up and high fived him. “You got your self a keeper.” Some whispered to him. I blushed and then we walked to my locker and I gave him a quick peck on the lips before he left to go to his. He didn’t want to break away though.

He wasn’t ignorant to the affect leaders’ blood had on Vampires during their transitions but involuntarily, his throat tightened. Something close to panic had him glaring, though a part of him was far too excited.

Nobody drank from him. He would kill them if they ever tried to get so close. It wasn’t a novelty for him, Asyalikadinlar the hatred of being held down, unable to defend him…so much like drowning. “It’s okay, don’t bother.

Just wanted to see how you were doing. ” ‘Yeah I guess.

’ He said. I can still feel him looking at me and I couldn’t take it anymore. It was getting late so I decided to pretend “Peter…” I carefully said, a hesitant waver to my tone, “what you said was wrong.

” “How could I have been so stupid!? He was only trying to protect me! I just hurt my family and my mother! Every time I brought up my father, I cursed him out, right in front of my mother, who knew all this time who he was, who I was, and let me! I must’ve hurt my mother incredibly!

I deserve to die! I’m probably the worst kid any parents would want!” She spoke, anger and shame dripping from every word. I looked over at Dallas and he looked confused, “Is this a spot, Lex?” “Leave your hair out” Emily voice startled me out of my thoughts. “What’s wrong, sis?” he asked me.