Attractive Asian Girl

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Attractive Asian Girl

After I read the letter a tear drops and I started crying. I can’t question her for being mad at me. I just can’t accept the fact that I hurt her so much that gives her a reason to hate me this much. “Mom, when did this letter arrive? ” I asked seriously. “Dear! This morning” my mom answered sadly.

I ran to my room and slam the door. I just dive on my bed and sleep; I don’t want to think for a day. “Meet you back here in 3 hours.

” Jason said to Tom. ‘I just hate it, okay?’ I said, feeling annoyed.

He looked at my closely. “No, but rumor goes around very quickly.” Sunny said. A different, female shrill brought the memory to an end as he blinked it away, ignoring his vibrating phone to rise from his chair and stride over to the Doctor, who was bandaging his daughter’s temple.

“As if I’d let you,” I snap at him, carefully veiling my guilty pleasure.

He seems to sense it, though, a smile stretching across his features. Mrs. Cohen turned pale and said, “You heard everything?

” “ Art?” I whispered.

He turned around, and wrapped his arms around me, his face falling into the crook of my neck, and he was crying. I felt his tears drip through the clothing on my shirt.

I wrapped my arms around him. “ Sh, sh,” I said rubbing his back. We stood there holding one another, I felt my walls coming down, and I just felt so damn bad for him. All the hatred, and even how mad I was at him, it was gone in a split second. He pulled away, and looked down at me, and brought his hand up to my face lightly stroking my cheek. “Yes, it’s just down the corridor, Attractive Asian Girl the second last door on the left. It should have a sign on it saying ’Birthing Class’” I thanked her and followed her directions.

The door was wide open when I walked i, Attractive Asian Girl. The room was bright, with light blue walls and carpet to match. Pictures of babies covered the wall across from, with a banner saying ’Welcoming to the World’. Five other people were here already.

Two couples were talking to each other against the back wall. The other person, a light brown haired girl, stood looking at the pictures of all the babies. She wore black tracksuit pants and a light green tank top, her hair falling down around her shoulders.

I walked towards her, pretending to looking at the pictures. “Get off me,” I spat at him, and he laughed hard. It was evil, and it made me feel weak. Weaker than I already was. He had me pinned up against the lockers with my hands above my head.

Attractive Asian Girl