Attractive Chinese Woman

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Attractive Chinese Woman

I was beginning to get a little worried about myself; I had no idea that I could become this obsessed about a guy. I discussed it with Lila but she waved it off and said that every woman in love behaved the exact same way. I was happy that I had such a good friend. “You only have a fifty percent chance or lower of surviving to be a Spier when you are awakened,” Jake answers quietly. Xavier shoots a scowl at Jake, roughly releasing Ray from his grasp.

Ray takes a step away from Xavier, and smiles. She looked up and saw us and almost burst into tears “Thank god, no one is telling me about dad or mom, it’s driving me crazy” Then out of nowhere the delivery truck came “I’ll get it” she said walked to the back I rolled my eyes. “I’ll keep it in mind, you silly ma, Attractive Chinese Woman. Later!” Yet time does pass, Attractive Chinese Woman the sun falling on our first day of a new life that shines with the brightness of a happy future.

And even though this time around we have no assurances or guarantees, it still feels better this way. Because regardless of where we are or what happens to us, we are home and will always belong to each other. Declan came over a little bit later and took our orders, I decided not to act all healthy and ordered a slice of chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream, while Marissa just asked for more wine. Me and Declan exchanged a sly look, I’m pretty sure he had picked up on the fact that she’d had too much to drink as well, but neither of us felt it was our place to say anything so we kept quiet.

“Done!” Coached yelled writing my time down “Good job Ryan’s 9:34. You improved almost a minute.” She said smiling slightly I threw on a green t-shirt and some ripped jeans. Not my usual attire for the day, but I wanted to be comfy tonight and to be honest I didn’t care what type of girl I attracted, as long as I attracted someone.

Carla was still staring at me through the shadows behind the door. I walked out with ideas swirling in my head. Maybe hair-dye in his shampoo…

or throwing his all his underwear into the pool (yes, we have a pool in the back yard…and a Jacuzzi!)…Or even wake him up at 5 in the morning by dumping hot and cold water on him. Or, singing Paramore all night long. The ideas just kept coming. Teasing him with lingerie, squeezing whip cream all over his face, drawing on his face with permanent marker, putting make-up until he shone…

Ah, Attractive Chinese Woman the possibilities were endless…

I’m sorry, but I am really not ready and I am really scared “I’ve missed you.” He said.

Attractive Chinese Woman