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Australia Dating SiteThere was something else, but he could not put his finger on it, maybe it was that she had gotten tougher as well. For a second he thought of the last time he had seen her, Australia Dating Site the way they had parted. But seeing her this way made him forgive her immediately. I crumpled the sticky note and throw it on the floor; I walked to the bathroom and do my stuff.

After I finished making myself look presentable I heard a weird knock on the door. As I open it Nana is standing nervously in front of me. “What’s the matter Nana?” I asked confusingly. “An —– an accident, Ni—- Nikki… ” I didn’t let her finish the sentence instead I grab her arm and led her to my car. “Where is she?” I asked panicky.

“Hospital” Nana replied. She told me the direction which I seriously follow, about a 20 minutes’ drive we arrived in the hospital.

I went straight to the reception area and ask “Where can I find Nikki Fairy White?” “Oh! The new patient, she’s in the room 38A” the nurse said. I even forgot to thank her because I freak out mixed up with confusio, Australia Dating Site.

Nana was the one who go back to the Reception area and thank the nurse, as I was about to open the room of Nikki I heard a boy’s voice. I open the door only to see Nikki sleeping and a guy who is sweating like a pig and the doctor.

“Are you the family of this girl?” the doctor asked. “Just a family friend, we’re here for a vacation” I stated.

I sat down beside Nikki who was still unconscious. “What happen to her?” I ask. “Well, she fell off the crick luckily this handsome young man was walking there and save the day” the doctor replied.

“Will she be alright?” I ask. “Yeah, she can go home if she’ll woke up” the doctor said. “Thanks for your help” I turned to the guy. “No worries, everyone will do that…” he didn’t finish the sentence because of Nikki who woke up confusingly.

“Where am I?” she stated. “Hospital” I answered. “Where is the guy who saved me?” she asks. “Hey! Uhm now that you’re up and in the good hands well, I want to say I better be going now” the guy replied.

“Wait! I owe you my life, what’s your name?” Nikki asks back, as if I’m not in the room. The doctor cleared his throat which was a sign that he must leave and be right back after the conversation, I nod and he evaporates.

“Clint!” the boy said. “Huh?” I hissed. “My name is Clint Moore” he smiled.

“Well, thanks again Clint! ” Nikki smiled. “Well, I guess I better get going” Clint bid. “Wait! Can I invite you tomorrow?

Go fishing? ” Nikki asks.

Australia Dating Site