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Beautiful Asian American WomenI laughed and pecked his lips, “You’re going dow, Beautiful Asian American Women.” I whispered against his lips “Yup,” she laughed, “I’m just kidding, Eve. You’re much prettier than me. How else do you have a total hottie wanting you to be his girlfriend, when you dress like a total slob?” “I’ve drank before, I can handle it!” “Okay name em.” Liam said. “I don’t want to be a secret couple and I want us to act like boyfriend and girlfriend.” I said a little embarrassed. “Okay babe.” I kissed him again but this time it was a little longer then a minute. I pulled apart when my phone rang. “So? What’re you wearing?

” I asked again “Well, looks like I got kicked out,” I point out jokingly, rubbing my foot with my dreadfully sore hand. Xavier, mute in his wolf form, nudges me gently. “I can’t go,” I complain, “my foot hurts too much.” The dance went by way too fast for my liking and Neil and I excused ourselves from the party and went upstairs to our room. I took off my heels and dress and put on a silk night gown, while Neil undressed and stayed in his boxers, like always.

We got underneath the covers and I cuddled up into him falling asleep, from my exhausted day. Me and Cole sat up and looked at each other, both confused.

“I think it’s mine.” He told me and reached for his phone that was on the table by the door. “I have read it before,” I say, “although I didn’t make much sense out of it.” “I do.” I smiled as he kissed my forehead, “I love you, too.” “KIM, LUCY, HELP ME!!! HELP!!!” I shouted. “School’s rooftop garde, Beautiful Asian American Women.” For some reason, it is hard to ask him for the remote.

It is hard to even speak, to ruin the strained silence that has settled over us like a thick woolen blanket. HEART “Hey…that was…rude” “ If you wear the guy uniform then you will be with the guys for gym not girls.

We split them so the guys do the sports separate from the girls,” he said. “Oh so you asked me now? I could have sworn you ordered me!” I snapped in a whisper. “Please.” I begged I stare at the menu once again, trying to make up my mind. “Is the hotdog or the cheeseburger better?

” I ask him, staring at the plethora of pictures. He ignores me, just pressing the key over and over agai, Beautiful Asian American Women.

“It’s okay.” I told him sitting down on the bed “Why are you in my bed?” I groaned and tried to shoo it away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To my lovely viewers

Beautiful Asian American Women