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Beautiful Asian AmericanThough it looked like it was costing him an effort. “Let me go shower and change, and then we can get out of here. Will you wait for me?” “Why? I mean, if you don’t want to be here…” “Well, how about taking off my blindfold so I can see what you look like?” But that doesn’t make who I am. I have changed. I am not the playboy I once was, and never will be agai, Beautiful Asian American. That one mistake I made changed me… probably forever, and will affect me for the rest of my life. But that one mistake, and several other minor ones, doesn’t define ME. I am I, not my mistakes.

I woke up in an unfamiliar room. The room was dark, but sunlight was streaming through the little slits in between the curtains. The walls looked a dark blue, and whoever this person was… had a very big bed. My heart started racing as I thought of the worst. I looked down and to my relief, I was dressed.

“ Hello Ty,” Mr. Marx said. “I’ll go call the company to tell them they got it wrong” announced George Her head snaps up, and the werewolves are immediately struck by a familiar face, judging by their expressions. She is wearing thick Raybans, so I can’t see her eyes, but her skin is flawless, along with her luscious red lips. I didn’t answer him. “ Did you kiss him back?” he asked.

I bit my lip, and closed my eyes. “You have to have the right mind set.” I told him “Coach is practice over?” (A/N: Wow that was a really hard chapter to write. Anyways what did you guys think of this chapter??? A few chapters from now Liam reveals a very shocking secret of his, that could wreck or make their relationship better.

Find out soo, Beautiful Asian American. That chapter is likely to be the final blow for this book, and its coming soo, Beautiful Asian American. 🙂 My eyes widened in amusement as I pried her hands off my shoulders, “I see.” “It’s alright. You are okay now.”The hands wrap around my legs and back, and I feel a rush of air as I am lifted into the air. I try to see what is going on, but the rain pounding on my face and the difficulty with which I am taking my breaths prevents me from doing so. ‘CeCe, please. I really need to know.’ Matt said. I looked at him and he looked so desperate.

I sighed. ‘Okay, Beautiful Asian American the answer is-”Celia Celhart! Matt Damon!

‘ I looked to the front to see Mr Dennis staring at us. I bit my lip. I looked at Matt who didn’t seem bothered at all.’Sorry, sir.’

Beautiful Asian American