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Beautiful Asian ChicksThe bartender gawked at him in disbelief. “In my capacity here at the hotel, I meet a lot of unusual people – eccentrics, psychopaths, weirdoes, homicidal maniacs, perverts and assorted whack jobs,” Freddy ventured.

“I ain’t never met anyone like you.” (Leo’s POV) Back at the house, people were still every where, each one either leaning against something, sitting down, or falling over. I walked through them quietly, my eyes searching the crowd for Emily. Across the room, I spotted Ashton and Jake’s words suddenly rang in my head: ‘She’s inside with Ashton at the moment’.

My eyes begun to sting agai, Beautiful Asian Chicks. No. Don’t think about it. I walked quickly over to Ashton who greeted me with a big smile as I reached him. “Can you get off my chest.” Aiko firmly said causing everyone to laugh at me. “Jake, please.

Don’t. No…” I screamed out in a mix of both pleasure and pain, and it was too late to stop him. He was inside me. I could feel the burning between my legs as he stretch me out. I could feel the tears stinging behind my eyes. He moved softly, easing in and out of me, and I didn’t know whether to enjoy it, or fight against him to get him off. I struggled beneath him, twisting my body to get him off me, each turn pulling at my insides making me crying out. “Thanks…” Dylan said sarcastically, “Wait…did you just me ‘Cute’?” Oh boy, Beautiful Asian Chicks there goes Dylan’s signature smile. “Good,” He replied looking over at her parents, “Can you please leave, you’re making my mate uncomfortable.

” He said as politely as he could.

Phaedra and Nicholas nodded and walked out. “That sounds so awkward when you say it out loud,” Ellen joked. “ Mhm,” I said looking in front of me, and I leaned forward to turn on the radio, and the car blasted with rap. I jumped back at first startled, and turned down the radio, and looked over at Corey in shocked. I nodded and looked at Lillian as her hand landed on my arm. She stared at me in shock, “Blake?

” she asked bluntly.

“You say that to all the ladies, mate,” Leslie rolled her eyes. Tears built up in myeyes. No, its just mud CeCe. It’s just mud. “I guess I do owe you an answer at least,” I resignedly say, “you have saved my life many times.” “Xavier!

” I can feel myself melting, and this realization frightens me more than anything else. “You said I could get some sleep!

” “No, I’m work, trust me…I’m sorry.” – I sighed with tiredness.

– “I’m so sick and tired of people’s pities.

” I wasn’t used to all of these attentions.

Beautiful Asian Chicks