Beautiful Asian Eyes

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Beautiful Asian EyesCrap, I thought. Changing the subject usually worked with Randy. He got so distracted that he didn’t even notice I’d nudged him away from the original topic.

That was part of the beauty of dating him; I never had to worry about him cornering me into a conversation I didn’t want to have. “Did he force you?” He asked 3rd period – Free period (Except Wednesdays for gym) I was sitting on the back porch of the palace when James emerged from inside. “You’re right.” Ray starts to morph, his edges twisting and fading, only to reveal seconds later a similar outline with slightly different yet significant facial features.

“It’s hard to show my true self, though, when the only thing true to me is my eyes of blood.” “You have to literally destroy it,” Jake says grimly, cracking his knuckles, “I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to me since yesterday when they found us.” Elaine was still crying louder each minute, “I thought you cared about me, us, our baby!” “Lexi, wake up.” The person repeated “What?” He asked pulling out off the lot I know that you’re not thinking of me anymore.

I bet that even I’ll write you this letter; you will not write back. Well, that’s alright I’m not expecting it anyway. Hey! I just want you to know that this will be the last letter that I will send to you, after this you will never heard news from me. I can’t wait for my best friend anymore; dad wants me to move in other country, which will be unknown to you. Thanks for being such a damn great best friend I will never miss you! NEVER!

“No.” His voice was firm and set and his eyes never strayed from mine. “I have to keep the ball away from the other team right?” I asked smirking He nodded looking dow, Beautiful Asian Eyes. “What the hell Cece?” Finn said. I think it was the first time I heard him curse.

Of course I am right, as the eyes of the child slip to a close almost immediately.

Only now do I allow myself a smile, pleased with the manner in which I handled this incident. “Don’t worry, I’ll read it,” I reassure him quickly.

What Jake said makes almost no sense. The wolf with the red eyes? The red stone? My curiosity is spiked now, and there is no turning back… “Huh? Oh, I was chillin’.

” I nodded, sitting back down

Beautiful Asian Eyes