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Beautiful Asian Models

I keep looking at Nikki and Clint! Did I just felt Jelly?

Fuck! I remember the day when Nikki and Clint a wedding show when we were kids. I really don’t like that game, it’s like losing my best friend because of another man! As the movie is in the climax part, I again glaze at them. Nikki is now sleeping on Clint’s chest, Clint notice me and smile. “She’s beautiful don’t you think? ” he said “I know that already” I replied “I mean your girl” he nod at Myka whose sleeping beside me “You like her?” I asked.

“What? Bloody NO! I just want to let you know that you can’t have two girls at once” what is he talking about?

I just smile and focused on the movie. About a minute or so Nikki is awake “Hey Clint!” she stated.

“Hey Nikki” he replied. “Am I that heavy?

” “No! You know what I can look at you every day” fuck! Did he really just say that? “Nikki, your mom told me that you will come with me in New York?” I change the subject “Yeah! I just need to pack up my things so that we can go tonight!

” “Tonight?” I asked. I check my Iphone and shit! It’s already morning.

“Yeah! Tonight!

” I correct! “Well, I better get going don’t you think?

” Clint interrupts. “Why don’t you come with us in New York?” Nikki asked. What the fuck is she thinking?

If she think that I will agree then she’s wrong! “Well, maybe I just visit you there.

I have some things to do, you know family business” he replied. “Family Business?

” I asked.

“Yeah! If only Nikki just go in Hawaii maybe we saw each other there but she didn’t…” “So you’re in Hawaii? ” Nikki snaps! “Yeah! Actually I’m waiting for you there because your parents told me that you will be my date but unfortunately you didn’t come” he pouted.

“Oh! That’s unfortunate” I snap. They both turn at me with a confuse look on their face! What did I just say? I’m sounding like a girl! For me to hide my unforgivable jealousy I give them a wicked smile. “You’re so pathetic don’t you know?” Nikki hissed. “What? I just give some sympathy to Clint!

That must be so bloody boring not having a date…” “Actually I do have a date and it was Nin” Clint snaps. “Oh? So you like Nin? I think you’re so older than her” I snap back “Well, just a friendly date dude and hey! I ‘m serious that I’ll marry the girl even though I was just a kid” I give him a wicked grin but a blazing I-will-kill-you look. “Is that so?” I smile “Well? Maybe someday Clint! But for now can you just two stop arguing okay? Don’t you feel that you two are already shouting?

” Nikki interrupts.

Beautiful Asian Models