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Beautiful Asian NamesWe brought two 50 dollar tickets. “Thanks Margaret, I just love being treated like a child”. I said sarcastically.

*Beep, Beep, Beep.* My alarm clock rang. “Ugh five more minutes.

” I told it, but then realized it wasn’t voice activated. Fuck! I tried to hit the off button aimlessly but my hand kept missing it. I grabbed the alarm clock and pressed every single button I saw but it still wouldn’t shut up. I finally found it and hit the off button and crawled back into bed. A few seconds later it started to play Justin Bieber – Baby. Ughhh its so horrible that I grabbed the alarm clocked, glared at it for 2 seconds, Beautiful Asian Names then threw it against the wall. (No offense JB fans) Kayden was still laying on the bed, just watching me. He looked at me confused.

“I don’t understand.” She made a face and her face became to have a light shade of pink. The pain returns as quickly as it disappeared. I edge towards the tree in order to lean against it, but in my haste forgot about the muddy puddle that was to my right.

I gasp as the cold wetness splashes against my arms, and seconds later I realize I am thoroughly soaked in brown water. A feeling of hopelessness enters me and I realize that I am completely helpless. Helpless and ready to die in order to escape the pai, Beautiful Asian Names. I blushed and looked away, taking a baby step away from his. “Hey, can I get a picture with you? Just one?” he pleaded, “My friends wouldn’t believe that I met you without proof.

” His big, milky brown eyes tugged at mine, and I felt my heart melting. My bed is soft, but not nearly as warm as I wish it to be. “Yeah, me neither.” ”where are you going?

” He muttered a “Whatever.” I giggled to his attitude. “Don’t worry about Dylan, Sea.” “ Who ever said I did things right,” I shrugged and with that I turned around and walked out of my room leaving him sitting on my bed completely naked, and I must say very unsatisfied.

Emily Zimmerma, Beautiful Asian Names. We all jump awake to see George standing there “Guys time to go home” “I figured we could use the rest of the shirts as blankets. It’s a little chilly out here, is it not?” I opened my door and ran downstairs.

Everybody was in the living room. There was a spot in-between Cam and Xavier. I sat down and pulled my knees up to my chest and started watching whatever was on T. V. Then my stomach growled loudly.

Beautiful Asian Names