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Beautiful Asian PhotosHe smiled, holding back laughter. I turned and saw coach laughing. ”yes.”i said. “I’m better than I thought I’d be.” I could feel his eyes on me, but I just kept walking. “After Homecoming, I expected to be a wreck.

I expected to cry or be locked in my room or something…. I expected to miss him more, I guess. And I do—miss him, I mean—but it’s not as bad as I’d thought.

Some of my friends came over last night, and they really helped me. They made me realize that I could do better, you know?” “Ryan’s! You’re late!” Coach yelled “I’m ok with that, sweet cheeks.” ‘Sorry.

‘ He put his hands up. ‘I meant, why the fish is there a girl in this classroom?’ He said pointing at me. “Nick, you’re smart enough to do your own thing. Do whatever you want to do, but never forgot to look back and smile to those heartbreaks.

Maybe this time Nikki and you is not meant for each other, not just yet. But we don’t know that at the end of the story, you and Nikki will live happily ever after” “Dammit dad, you just nailed it” I laugh. Gabriel chuckled as he held her in his arms. They had to get back downstairs and figure out what the hell Nike had been talking about? They really needed to talk, “We should get dressed.

” He said as he noticed that they hadn’t even bothered closing the door. You don’t gotta settle for that “What song would you guys like me to dance too? Selena Gomez?

Sure thing.

” I laughed I rolled my eyes. Every move you make everything you say is right I don’t even know why I am begging the enemy for help. Since when have I ever been so desperate? Riley chuckled, giving me his famous half smile.

“Don’t I know it. Remember when I told you to clean your room? You literally kicked my ass all the way back to my room.” “Relax, Xavier,” Jake agrees, “Yi’s there.

She will be safe with him.” Xavier hesitantly backs away, and I start to sprint away before he has a change of mind. Yi is in the forest? What could he be doing there? “Yes, like you didn’t already know. Mr. Collins didn’t already tell you”. Neil said jokingly.

He kissed me roughly and hungrily. He pulled away and rested his forehead against mine. “Bet you are.” I said as I covered the food up again “Thanks.” Cash hesitated, Beautiful Asian Photos then looked up at the sky before turning back to me. “Game o, Beautiful Asian Photos.” Luke’s POV.

Beautiful Asian Photos