Beautiful Asian Women

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Beautiful Asian WomenI wasn’t listening, I was overwhelmed with the fact that he found me. This couldn’t be happening to me! “You don’t have to,” he replied as his warm hands started to slide under my shirt. “We’ll live here. It will be like old times. I’ll buy you anything you want Claire, anything and everything you could ever-” “Vanessa?

” Jason asked. I jumped and the beautiful ring flew out of my hand and on the carpet.

I squealed, I completely forgot about the invitation, run out to the front lawn to the mailbox open it grab the mail head back inside, I’m going through it and there it is the INVITATION “Here? Why here?” “Oh, makes sense” “Why?” I’d asked.

“Thank you so much, Sienna” She said before giving me a big hug. I helped Christan unpack her belongings, and together we went up to watch ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ (ironic right?) before starting on dinner.

“You’re doing this on purpose!” I snapped. I don’t think I really meant to say it out loud, but as always, Beautiful Asian Women the words just seemed to spill out when I was around Cash. He came over, sat next to me and grabbed my hand “You dreading this day too?” I rolled my eyes and slapped him “Well, let’s go tell the world.

” I pulled him with me towards the boat. “Uhh! Hey look girls! Ahm… Myka she’s Nikki and Nikki she’s Myka my girlfriend” Introduced Nick. Wait what did he say? Myka was his girlfriend? I’m so not his best friend anymore.

“Well, nice to meet you Nikki. Nick talks so much about you. How…” I cut her off. “Really?

** “I love it, it’s amazing” The piano began to play, and so did his voice. I shake my head because that’s all I can do I watched my reflection redden at the thought of Cash ripping my… Well, you know. I reminded myself that it wouldn’t Tonight is the night of the wolf. “Nothing, I didn’t know there was people that takes only 20 minutes to – “

Beautiful Asian Women