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Beautiful Girl AsianI poured the whole thing in my mouth. I grabbed 2 more cups. I turned to look at him and smiled. He wasn’t going to say no to her now, cocky or not. He’d give her what she wanted. And he did not disappoint.

His weight was sudden and heavy over her smaller frame but she loved the pressure on her ribs, back bowing when his hands cupped her face in another, filthy kiss. “Hey Kayd.” Dallas answered Suddenly, I felt a strange object meld to my hair, a gooey liquid sinking into my scalp. In alarm, I sat back up, reaching up with one hand and feeling the sticky object with my fingertips.

It was a piece of pepperoni, accompanied by a mass of hot melted cheese. All Blair could do was shake her head and continue sobbing. How could she tell him that she was terrified of being a mother?

Especially with the example she’d had, “I’m scared.

” She whispered against his chest. “Hey, whose chick is that?” said a boy with golden hair and blue eyes. Wrong questio, Beautiful Girl Asian.

His eyes darkened and turned into molten chocolate and I shivered, not in the least bit cold. “That is not what I mean! You have work, how will I eat, or even…do my business?

” I asked. I thank you all for your patience and time, “Say my name, Mona,” he whispers forcefully in between kisses, nibbling at my earlobe and then bringing his lips towards my collarbone.

“Yearn for me.” Our breathing is heavy, even frantic as we scramble to fulfill each other’s passions.

“You guys wanna go?” I asked them I looked around; Damian’s room was just as I’d expected it, neat and clea, Beautiful Girl Asian. For being a controlling bastard – most of the time – he was always clea, Beautiful Girl Asian.

The walls were dark green, Beautiful Girl Asian the floors, a dark kind of reddish-brown color.

His bed was a large, queen size, with an intimidating, dark brown, slay bed, bedframe.

A dresser that matched the headboard perfectly sat against the wall across from the bed. Finally, it was pulling Eve and I apart. She now probably thought that I was a player, even though I tried to tell her otherwise. Anyone who had a toddler at 21 was considered to be a player.

“I promise, Eve, if you tell Mom, I going to kill you…” she muttered angrily, and then leaned i, Beautiful Girl Asian. I unconsciously leaned in also, wanting desperately to catch the words she was about to say. I woke up really early the next morning.

I tried going back to sleep, but I just couldn’t and that pounding in my head made me groaned.

Beautiful Girl Asian