Beautiful Laotian Women

Beautiful Laotian WomenI giggled at what Marissa had said, but turned down another drink when Declan asked me. Laura arrived back into the room a few minutes later, and handed drinks out. She had brought me a bottle of water, just in case I changed my mind about wanting a drink. The four of us talked a little about our days, and Declan decided to tell them both about how I fell from the tractor.

They asked me if I were okay, but both were laughing. In the end, I joined them in doing so, feeling the back of my head to where a small lump was forming. I wrapped my towel around myself and grabbed the crutch, settling it under my arm, I limped into my room, opening the closet.

I grabbed a T-shirt and a pair of pajama pants, dressing myself while I leaned on the bed for support. “ Maybe you changed for yourself?

” he questioned. Andy’s POV I realized that I had never truly smiled since seventh grade.

Wes practically drags me into the bright outdoors, my eyes unable to tear away from Xavier on their ow, Beautiful Laotian Women. He smiles as I blink once, twice… trying to banish the image of him from my visio, Beautiful Laotian Women.

I sit up, watching Jake stare out the window. He is alight with wonder, seeing the leaves shake off the trees and dance in the nighttime wind. They are swirling, twisting and diving, dipping and weaving, waltzing in the sky. I turn to look at them also, my small, red lips parting in a smile. The sun is hanging just over the ground, so close that they are barely an inch apart.

The orange and purple are just beginning to spread across the horizon, and the garden flowers are shining like jewels in the light.

Instead, I just ran my fingers through my hair and said, “Thanks.

” “I just don’t know, Xavier,” I whisper, shutting my eyes tightly.

Do I believe? Do I really?

“Yeah huh.” I insisted “What happened to make him throw you from the pack?” I asked him. Then I remembered my friends. I turned to see Misty still looking at me through betrayed eyes. I held my palms in the air, and looked directly at her. “Look…uh, Misty…

” She closed her mouth and stared back at me with glaring eyes, which made me shut-up instantly.

She turned to leave with the rest of the group, when my hand shot out and whirled her around to face me. I glance around making sure I wouldn’t be overheard, “Misty, it was an arranged marriage. Arranged, meaning I don’t have any say in it! I—” I nod, unsure of where he is going with any of this.

Beautiful Laotian Women