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BeautyasianThis could not possibly get any worse. And as if fate was screwed with him personally, Nick pushed his way into the hallway. Anxiety poured out of the male and straight into Ian, who tried not to glare, but the self-loathing crawled up his throat. Removing his hands, he stared impassively at his best-friend – a male of worth.

“I care because you could be in danger. Your Aunt and Uncle had to run the store today, and asked me to make sure you were okay.” He kept his eyes trained on me, refusing to let me change the subject.

“Please, I just want to help. Who are you hiding from?” He said, leaning forward on the chair and putting his hands on the edge of the bed. I walked over to the closet and push all of his clothes to one side and grabbed my clothes and hanged everything up on the other side. I won’t get an answer anyways. Morning came yet again; I woke of find the warmth that I fell asleep in was gone, I get up and have a shower and walk down to the kitchen to see Will standing there reading the paper, he wasn’t moving he was just standing there in pause mode, I wasn’t sure he was even breathing “Shit I hope i’m not” I feel a twinge of sorrow as I emit these next words.

“Well, I’m not a savage wolf, so you will probably have to wait much longer,” I snap, rather bitterly. I promise “I believe you asked about my ‘smart’ mouth, but saucy sounds more me so we’ll go with it. For now at least,” she teased again, moving around his larger frame and beginning to walk away. His hand wrapped around her wrist like before in a vice-like grasp and she gasped, barely registering the fact that she was suddenly pressed to the hard plains of his body, close enough that she smelt his cologne mixed with his own masculine scent.

Her body responded instantly, making her breath come faster as she bit into her bottom lip. “Kidding.” Dallas laughed as he pulled her onto his lap Check this out and there was a picture of Gemma in the dress I told her about, she look beautiful ‘Cat, what happened? All I remember is the vampire staring down at us.’ Lorry said in alarm.