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Best Asian Chicks

Even if that meant sacrificing himself. “ You know you love me…” He stopped. “ Deep… Deep… Like really deep down,” he muttered.

I started laughing, because the way he said it was pretty freaking funny. He gave me a huge smile, and I smiled back, and I was looking at him, and saw how amazing his green eyes where.

I noticed I was staring at him, and looked away. I looked up at him, and he grinned and I felt my stomach flutter. I cleared my throat and started to push my legs, and go higher on the swing. “ Well im going home. That’s where I was headed but then I saw you sitting here, and thought I was just say hi,” he said getting up off the swing.

I gave him a wave. I heard my phone ringing in my pocket, and I pulled it out and stopped swinging, and flipped it ope, Best Asian Chicks. Cash wanted me. I could feel it. Not just through his jeans—though that factor was certainly present—but also in the way he kissed me. It was still slow, but there was a hungry edge to it now. That was all I had needed, when I walked into this. For him to want me, to need me. I could have pushed him away then, left him frustrated with unfulfilled desire.

Done what I set out to do in the first place.

‘Mad?’ I said. I was going to say ‘pissed’ but I knew she would tell me off. We nodded. ‘Now go.’ He gets up and heads to the bathroom while saying “I’m going to get ready then can we go see George and Nora?” “You just might with all this kissing you guys are making me do.” I said ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Well don’t worry; I won’t blow your cover.

” I told him winking. I could tell everyone that the rumours weren’t true, and that were not together, only friends.

But I didn’t know if it was true, I was still pretty sure that we were more than friends, even though neither of us had said or done anything to prove otherwise, I could just feel that we were. I shook my head. “No. The strike doesn’t end until the rivalry does.” As i was walking back, i spotted Fin, Best Asian Chicks. He was laughing with his friend.

I was about to go when i remembered that i can’t. If i hang around with Finn, Matt may feel left out. Instead of walking to him, i just walked back to the school. *Tori and Jake exchange glance* “Kayden, I’m sorry.” She frowned and her eyes roamed down my body, “You’ve gotten sexier.

” She winked, just like she used to I couldn’t believe how scary it is to find out the truth about you. “I love you, Mrs. Leo Taylor Knight” Leo whispered.

Best Asian Chicks