Best Asian Girl To Marry

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Best Asian Girl To MarryI woke up the next morning with the worst headache of my life. Instead of opening my eyes and getting out of bed, I pulled the covers up above my head and curled into a tight ball. I moaned loudly as the light from the window was still hurting my eyes. I heard someone laughing near the bed, but I didn’t look up to see who it was. I buried my head into Declans cover and tried to drift back to sleep, although I knew it was no use from the terrible headache I had. “Nah…” I ignored Tyler’s suggestion and had a better thing to watch. “How about, por, Best Asian Girl To Marry…?” Everyone in the room threw pillows at me. “WHAT?” 10 seconds left. You can do it Nathan! I scream he was only a few steps away from the other sides line. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,” The crown chanted. “3,2,” TOUCHDOWN!

We screamed in joy then the guys came and lifted us down to the field. They kissed us in front of the whole school while it started to rai, Best Asian Girl To Marry. “You better keep your promise.

” Nathan whispered into my ear before he was pulled away from me to his teammates. They yelled and jumped in glee. While doing that man chest thingy that they always do. I ran up to Nathan and told him I would meet him in the car. Taking a deep breath he looked away from Blair and met his identical twin brother Quinns eye. Opening a telepathic link to his brother he said, ‘She’s scared of us.’ There are only two blondes in this house, Chris and I. “Hey,” I said nervously.

“Um, it’s nice to see you.” I looked at my high heels.

“You could take the time off…with pay!” We started putting up the decorations. J. T, Chris, and Noah put the food they got on the counters and tables. We also put caution take on my, and the other guys’ doors that didn’t want anyone in there.

Xavier said don’t put the tape on his doors because he was gonna use it a lot tonight. Nasty.

“JASON, JASON, JASON, JASON, JASON, JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “ not as bad as last time,” I grinned.

He started laughing and I heard him walking down the stairs. I got into my room and looked at myself in the mirror.

I was wearing washed away ripped jeans, a nickleback shirt, and my hair was up in a messy bu, Best Asian Girl To Marry. i acted like a total dude. I sighed, and sat down on my bed, and I felt my phone vibrating.

Best Asian Girl To Marry