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Best Asian Girls

Shawna stood up suddenly, glancing at her watch, “Oh crap! Mom’s going to kill me if I’m not home at 4! And it’s already 4:05! Shit, shit!” We all laughed, but got up and started cleaning up. Slowly, she shuffled closer, until they were toe to toe. Nervously, she chewed her bottom lip, wringing her hands together. The differences between this timid female and the one from only hours ago stunned him in a manner only Beth had the potential too. “So??? What is all this about???” I asked and sat on the side of the bath tub. “I remember walking out of Mrs. Reyes classroom, and then nothing.” “Why don’t you use the dishwasher?

” he asked.

“Thank god” said Nora she got up “I can’t be here anymore” “That tastes really good!” she said, grabbing another cup and drank everything. “It’s eight in the morning”.

“I love you Alexis.” I heard him say as sleep started to consume me My gaze snaps back up to the fire, and this time I don’t see anything.

A visible sigh of relief leaves my body as I lean heavily against the wall. It’s alright. I’m just crazy.

“ UGH!” I groaned.

I ran out of my room, and my foot made contact with something, and I stumbled forward, and fell onto the floor.

I stood up and turned around. “ Found my book bag!” I sung throwing it over my shoulder. I ran down the stairs, and out the front door. I jumped in the passenger seat, and everyone else was already in the car. ‘Why did you do that for me?’I looked back to see Matt looking at me weirdly.

Then there was the fear. I had no idea why, but I was deathly frightened. Of what, I had no clue. She just looks at me with concer, Best Asian Girls. “You are like a flower in full bloom,” she states, before your appearance may have just been budding, but your conversion is what made it truly blossom.

” “ Ewe! That’s incest! That’s my older brother!” I said pretending to act disgusted.

He looked at me, and started to laugh.

Like freaking laugh.

“ What?” I asked. “ Do you not know what the word NO mean?” I hissed.

Best Asian Girls