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Another maid, Emma, came to me, while I was going up the stairs and informed me, “The master says you’ll be leaving soon for school, so you’d better tidy up. Actually, miss, his exact words were, ‘Tell that bitch that she’d better get dressed, otherwise I will go and beat the shit out of her!” She smiled at me, her eyes crinkling at the corners, to ensure me that she was completely on my side. I laughed at her, but my stomach ached. Sure, now Jake won’t even talk to me face-to-face. How rude! I can’t believe I’m marrying him! Life’s unfair.

I reached my bedroom, and peeked inside, making sure Mr. Grumpy was inside. He wasn’t, so I ran into the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

I combed my hair, which was a complete curly mess, so I pulled it into a high pony. Ah, much better!

“Because what if she doesn’t?” “It’s a surprise. Do you have a problem with that”? He glanced over at me giving me an “I better not have a problem with that” type of look. But a minute later—as the front door slammed downstairs and the sound of Randy walking toward his car on the street corner wafted up through my window—I knew this was the last time I would be left behind for this war. I had to do something about it. Put a stop to the stupidity.

Get Randy out of this trap he was i, Best Free Dating Sites. For him. For both of us. “What?” he asks angrily, stopping entirely. “Xavier?

He’s the other one who marked you, right? Who cares what he thinks?

You belong to me.” “ I know im acting like a horny ass, but I want you to be my girlfriend, before anyone else gets their hands on you,” he smirked, and he looked at me in the eyes agai, Best Free Dating Sites. I laid there looking at him, and leaned my head up pressing my lips against his and he pressed his lips back against mine, and I felt him slip his tongue in my mouth, and I wanted to pull back, but I didn’t. we stopped kissing and he got up pulling me up with him, and he wrapped his arm around my waist and we made our way back to my house.

When we walked through the door everyone was in the front room playing video games… at three in the morning…

Really… ugh. “Well try.” She demanded “ yeah I know,” I muttered. “ Im ugh gonna go talk to you later Evian,” I muttered and then closed the phone.

I sat on the swing and took a deep breath. Evian is my best friend. I should be happy for him. He is going on a date, and he is happy, so should i. but im not. I sighed, and leaned forward rubbing my hands against my face.

Best Free Dating Sites