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I stood up, “C’mon, B.” “ What the hell Troy,” I said through clenched teeth while getting up. He walked over to me, and wrapped his arm around me. ‘I forgot to tell you why I’m here.’ She said. ‘Your dad wants you to eat lunch with him. In his office.’ the way he could make me laugh and his stupid grin and how sweet he could be. I just don’t know if that’s enough to forgive him.” “Is there any more Diet Coke?” did she say something.

I needed her so badly. My whole body was aching just a the sight of her. The tears were fresh but this time they were happy ones. I watched her car drive in circles for what felt like hours.

A small smile had appeared on my face as I went to the kitchen to make her dinner. “Anna Welsh, Wendy Rochester, Tally Den, and of course Delilah,” she said. I noticed that none of them, except for Delilah and I, were from school.

“Thanks Meena.” I said then we walked out of the building hand-in-hand. Before we entered the car to go home where we would soon begin are lives with are new child on the way Nathan bended down and then placed his head on my stomach.

“I can’t wait to meet you, my little angel.” He whispered and then kissed my stomach. I felt a light kick and I said “Nathan, omg I felt a light kick, I think he or she loves you already.

” He smiled and said “Well I love him or her more. No matter what i’ll love this child whether its a boy of girl.” (: “I just… don’t feel like it tonight. But we can watch a movie or something, and that will end it on a good note, too.” Behind me I heard the class laugh and Mrs. Johnson growl loudly and show you what to do to keep the other 10. fave-comment-dontstopbeingawesome Jake, Ray, and Yi treat me like normal also, although Wes obviously has hyped up his flirting, ticking Xavier off immensely.

He has to almost constantly pull Wes off me, although I personally think it’s rather funny.

I have gotten used to Wes’s hilarious advances, which is strange considering that just a week before I had never really talked to a guy, let alone a handsome one. I think Wes just does that because he knows it makes Xavier angry. “I thought you were gone for the day!” I exclaim, ripping my hands from his with so much force that I nearly spin, and rushing to him, “I’m so glad you’re back!” I give him one of his own bone-crushing hugs, and out of the corner of my eye, I see him slightly wince. “Act lovey-dovey,” I hiss in his ear whilst delving for a kiss on his neck.

Best Internet Dating Sites