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Best Looking Asian

Chris has phone seventeen times in the past twenty minutes. I didn’t answer any, she was probably just telling ne Chris finally woke up. That would be the only reason for the non-stop calls. I could just listen to the screaming voice mails latter.

I had gone to see Chris once while he was in the intensive care unit. It had been heartbreaking. His face was contorted into a painful expression even though he was unconscious. I had given him a quick kiss than said good bye forever.

I couldn’t stay around here and let myself be found pregnant. I just couldn’t. It is then that I realize just how serious our situation is. Well, this is an interesting development. “Thanks Captain Obvious.

Now just grab one and let’s go,” I said as I got up from the floor and dusted myself off. He gave a half-hearted chuckle. “Bye, Best Looking Asian then,” he waved, and walked to the car, never once turning back, despite all the foolish dreams that flooded my mind of him running back. They drove away, and I was left alone in the dark with my tears.

“Your skin,” I moaned in delight as his fingers caressed my breasts. “You’re so ta, Best Looking Asian.” Mom reached forward and touched Dad’s shoulder, and he finally turned. It was truly horrific, frightening us both. His face was expressionless, but his beautiful chocolate eyes had turned to a deep, fiery ruby. Mom and I both started to panic, and she began to reach for the doors, to try to open them so we could both escape.

But this stranger with the same face as father had locked them, imprisoning us both inside. “Because I like to tease you.” he said, placing soft kisses on my neck. I turned the shower off and grabbed the towel that was hanging on a bar beside the shower, drying myself off as best I could.

“ I don’t know what she’s talking about dude,” Corey muttered. Clay then look at Art, but it was obvious Art wasn’t going to say a damn word. “Um…20 minutes” “Don’t lie to me, Ray. Her Awakening is failing! It is obvious to us both.” “Um, hey,” I said, summoning all of my nerve.

“Do… do you think you can give me a ride home when you take your friends?”

Best Looking Asian