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Black Asian Women

She crooked her eyebrows in amusement, “Of course you wouldn’t know. You don’t deserve to be in the National Honor Society, my daughter does. Not you.” “It’s alright sweetheart. I know this is a lot to take in, I completely understand.” Her dad smiled back at her. He got up and grabbed her, swooping her into a large hug. She hugged him back just as lovingly. She ached for a father all her life, and now here he was. She smiled at him when he let go. His soft, calloused hands cupped her face, as he bent down and kissed her forehead.

“Thank you,” I bowed, my hair brushing across my feet. I suddenly became aware that I was not dressed up at all. “Where are the bridesmaid dresses?

” I asked, scouring the room. He stops for a minute, looking at me as he is lifting his head. I pout a little, annoyed both by the lack of kisses and by the idiot he has turned me into. I barely even recognize this side of me, this strange part of my being that aches for Xavier in ways that I don’t even know of. However, I can’t help myself, and I turn towards him and reach with one hand. He takes it, and suddenly he is almost on top of me before I realized he moved.

“Ahhh.” Dallas sighed behind me, “I missed this smell.” Even when I was just around Eve, I felt comfortable. Happy.

She, somehow, made me want to care for her. She made me want to be by her side. “I don’t want to hit on you. You seem…lonely.” He said. He had chocolate brown eyes and sandy blonde hair, he was wearing swim trunks, and he had a six pack. He still wasn’t as good looking as Damian, and I had to grudgingly admit it. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow, Black Asian Women the corners of his mouth tipping up slightly. “Strange, I could have sworn we were enjoying the morning air.” He teased.

The next following morning i woke up with a loud sound of well its sound like a violin i think. I was following the sound were it came from and its coming from alex room. “Fine. Kayden’s coming too. C’mo, Black Asian Women.” I said pulling Kayden out the door “I’m sorry.

I didn’t see you there.” He apologized.

Black Asian Women