Black Women

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Black Women

Hamilton High had two Homecomings a year—one for football in September and another for basketball in January. When you’re a freshman it’s exciting because two Homecomings means two opportunities to dance with boys in a dark gymnasium (which, for some reason, seems glamorous when you’re fourteen) and have TV show–like high school experiences—or so you hope. What the fuck is wrong with me….? Taylor quickly thanked them and ran off towards her room. Grabbing a jacket and her purse, she headed towards the garage.

Inside the garage was like being in a car showroom.

5 cars lined the garage. She gawked at them all; a red Ferrari, a silver/grey Lamborghini, a sleek black Mercedes, a large blue hummer, and a small yellow corvette. Taylor clicked the unlock button on the keys, anticipating which gorgeous car she would get to drive.

The Lamborghini lit up the room with its flashing headlights. Taylor took a moment to inspect the car. The design was sleek and sporty. It was a mixture of silver on the hood and sides of the cars, with some grey tinted into them at the corners.

The tires were silver, with a custom logo in the center, “LK” that was grey in contrast.

Taylor squeeled, “Oh my god! This SO beats my beat up dodge!” She ran to the car, jumping into the seats and backing out the driveway. After the chatter died down, Susan sighed and glanced at the closed blinds over the window.

“I just feel so… dirty. Like, I don’t know. Right now, I feel like such a perv.” No, it wasn’t Randy at all. It was Cash. Cash was the one standing across the dance floor, and he wasn’t looking at me. He was leaning against the wall, arms folded loosely over his chest as he talked animatedly to a pretty sophomore in a dress so short I wondered if it was meant to be a shirt instead.

He was flirting My one and only daughter. “Clarie, shut up about Ingrid!

I don’t give a fuck what that snotty entitled bitch thinks.” He crossed his arms and leaned back. “I want to be your last kiss of this year.” Jason said. In the dim light I can’t really see if he was blushing, but he was looking at me straight in the eyes. “Whatever, Sades.

Black Women