Blind Dating

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Blind DatingI stared at him, shock and anger on my face. Quickly, I shot a glare at an eavesdropping Mina, making her scamper back inside the tent. Finally, after a pause, I spoke. “Dex, I can’t believe you don’t trust me,” I accused.

“It is none…” Their mother begun to say but the mid-wife cut her off saying: “Christan!

Is who I asked, not you!”. It made me as serene and as mythical as a mermaid, and that is what I loved so much about it. ALEX POV: God, she was perfect. She had concern all over her face and I felt relieved that she was concerned about me, even though we had a huge fight right before she got taken away. She rushed over to us and pushed me off of him, grasping his arm in her hand as she looked him over. Jealousy ripped through me. WHy wasn’t she worried about me?! I’m her mate, even if she didn’t know it, I still was! “I’m not pissed, I’m just… frustrated.

” This was going way too far. She needed to forget him, like he would do her. Without another thought, she stripped down, showering in steamy water before snuggling into her fluffy bed. George came over and hugged her tight, Will came back and gave George the letter; he folded it and put it in his pocket “I’ll go get her some water.” She walked quickly down the hall. “I’ve always wanted to try a Vodka!” she said. “ On Monday when we get back to school is it okay if I hang out with you and Evian?

” she asked.

“Who’s there?

” I asked “Like… I don’t know. I’ve heard stuff.” ”oh yes! mr. cullen weve been expecting you. please follow me.” “Don’t worry buddy,” Wes pats him on the back, “I’ll be your moneymaker from now o, Blind Dating. Xavier, we got to find another job for you.” “I hate this, Chloe.

Instead of it being just me and Randy, lately it’s been me and Randy and the entire soccer team.” “You didn’t tell me who you were either.” He defended himself. “I believe you’ve told me once before.

” He grinned. “Ray, what have you been doing?

” Jake asks Ray while he surveys a small hole in the wall. “Have you been trying to drill through the walls?” “Well introduce us now Neil. No need to be rude”. The girl said. Neil chuckled.

-Best friends end up mates (him and one of his best friend’s that’s a girl)

Blind Dating