City Females

ChatLeo’s eyes raked up and down her body, making her blush at the gesture. “Probably.

” He laughed Today was a fairytale This is all too much, I was trying to think what made us so broke, and then I remembered “Hey didn’t we order two ovens yesterday?” “You too,” I reply. “I’m Sea Shore.

” A confused look was shown on her face, “I know, weird name huh-?” The problem was, I just didn’t know the scoop.

I was as clueless as they were. “Cat.” Dan sighed in relief.

“What happened?” ”yeah i just got home i just need to get ready.

”she was talking on the phone.

“Do you live here?” He asked. “Sea?” He questioned, “Why didn’t you come with Sara or Stell?” “Hey, loser,” Randy snapped.

“Leave my girl alone.” There was a figure in her doorway.

Daddy? Daddy? She thought blearily, blinking crazily until her vision cleared and yeah…Father.

Terror, cold and sharp punctured his lungs as she tried to look through the threat he was posing…tried to see her father.

But he didn’t seem to be conscious any longer, his massive body shaking with vehemence. Thankfully my next class was in the same building so I wouldn’t have to go back out into the cold winter air. I sat in the back again, ignoring whatever it was the teacher was saying.

Besides, it’s not like we ever do real work on the first day back. Once my things were unpacked again I began flicking through my phone to find my favourite playlist until I found ‘Soul Sister’ by Trai, Chat. Yes, I know the song was pretty out-dated, but hey, I love it! “Then why would you even suggest it?” I ask I blushed and said, “Yeah,” “No…” He took a step closer to me, closer, and closer. “Punishment.

” Dylan took his hand on my chin and kissed me. Wait…what? AGAIN?! The kiss only lasted for 7 seconds. Then moved his face away, leaving me speechless.

How was that a punishment?!

“Got any plans on November 20th?” What I didn’t expect, was his reactio, Chat. His hungry growl ripped through the room and he was suddenly in front of me, I looked up into his eyes, freezing in place at the hungered, feral look his bright blue eyes portrayed. I instantly knew that this was what I looked like at the practice field the day he took his shirt off. I let go of his ear and went to my dresser.

I pulled out a black bra and white boy shorts. I found Jason and I quickly charged towards him. It took him back, he was about to get me back when the alaram rung and the bumper cars froze.