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China DatingHe didn’t dare glance at her body, sure that the bulge in his leathers was already noticeable enough. Growling under his breath, he grabbed his duffle bag, pulling out the highly unnecessary leather gloves and pulling them over his hands.

The damned things were restricting, but in his fucked up sense, double standards were idiotic, and he wouldn’t make the females wear them if he didn’t. “You saved my life.” I whispered softly, still not able to believe it. Durwald was lying in the palace hospital.

The sheets he was lying under were snow white and so was the rest of the room. I had always found it a boring room and had begged my parents more than once to paint it some nice color but they had refused. Durwald’s arm was bandaged and was draped loosely over his body. Even the bandage was completely white and I longed to write something on it. I knew this would hurt him too much so instead I looked up into his perfect brown eyes. I dived into the eternal blackness, wincing as the water burned my skin with its coldness – ironic, right?-, enjoying the alertness that it graciously gave. At moments like this, when I was completely under the blackness, my vision clouded by the water, I felt at peace.

Even when I was depressed, and Dex was the bane of my existence, I could always feel free when swimming below the surface. I felt a tiny fish rush by, tickling my leg as it swam. I giggled inside, my heart escalating in joy. I broke the water, gasping for breath, wishing I could stay below the surface forever. The freezing air swirled around me, chilling me to the bone. The moon smiled at me from above, directly over my head. The silent beauty of the whole area delighted me, invoking a sigh from my lips. “Yeah she’s upstairs in the library.

” Blake said and watched as his granddaughter walked out of the room and up the stairs, “Will you never lear, China Dating.” He said looking at his daughter, “You left her to be claimed by the wrong goddess, China Dating the Greeks are in an uproar.

Nike and Atlas are furious.” Blake yelled at Phaedra who looked away. “I’m sorry.

” I apologized. I laid in my bed, thinking about what happened.

I heard a knock on the door. I jumped up thinking it was Francisco. I was annoyed…

and excited.

Should I answer it? My heart was telling me yes, but my brain was telling me that he would just take advantage of me. When I didn’t answer, China Dating the door burst ope, China Dating.

China Dating