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Chinese ChicksWill he ever come back? “Don’t even worry about that, worry about all the visitors.” Blair replied as she turned into a large garage. Two young, youthful men accompanied her. The one on the right was very handsome, with blond hair that seemed to catch the sunlight, enhancing the rich golden tones of it. His eyes were riveting, green as a meadow, and his arms were ripped with muscles.

The other man was slightly nerdier, with big, black glasses on that covered half of his face, and a somewhat geekier body, slim and short. Party Time “Yup sure love ya to” “How long has it been?” I glanced at Cash out of the corner of my eye. He was facing out toward the road ahead of us, and I watched as the passing streetlamps cast the silhouette of his profile across the car. Strong jaw, straight nose, broad shoulders. It felt strangely intimate to watch him drive, his eyes on the road instead of looking back at me. I punched Jason’s shoulders, but my arms were locked, I could barely move. “No cussing Mr. Bennett Carter” Mrs. Fianna said “Can we… Can we put this moment on pause?

” he asked, ———————————————————————————- He laughed, “Were you drunk?” Everyone stands and starts to exit the cell. Yi, however, comes in and sits by me on the wooden bench.

He tries his best to look comforting, and fails miserably. “No, I won’t!” Jason teased and squeezed my hand that he was still holding.

Than, Chinese Chicks there was a silence in the room. It wasn’t an awkward silence; it was just a happy silence.

I could feel myself grin wider and I notice how close we were. Our toes were touching each other and I notice how much taller Jason was than me. He was probably a 6 feet something. He bent over and I could see his lashes, how thick and heavy they look. His eyes were a beautiful shade of green and it looks dreamy. I could hear his breathing and feel his hot breath leaning really closer to me. I could smell him, his shampoo and cologne.

His hair was slightly covering his eye and he moved in a little closer. I could see his lips slightly apart.

“Yeah.” I said, trying to stay as still as possible. My hands shake and my face turns a cherry red. With barely contained anticipation, I purse my lips, looking up at the man mated to me. The one that was chosen to be mine. For once, I feel that I understand Ray’s actions and feelings.

Chinese Chicks