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Chinese Girl Pretty

I just—“ “Get to the point you big head!” she smile. “Wait, I’m nervous on asking you about this huge favor because you might—“ “Say it!” she snaps which makes me nervous more. Is she crazy? “Hey! We haven’t seen you in forever.

” I grinned “Right,” I said. “The strike. I’ll focus on the strike and stop worrying about Cash and Randy. That shouldn’t be too hard.” I don’t know which would be worse, to have someone who had a secret girlfriend on the side, treating her how he was supposed to treat you, or having someone throw the whole relationship away for just one night?

“Well, I guess so. But I didn’t approve your moving, so there is really no helping it. I may have to keep you a minute longer.” He shows no signs of giving i, Chinese Girl Pretty. After another quick giggle, I turn back towards Ray. “Where are the others?

” “Didn’t mean to startle you, Doc,” he twisted one of my curls around his finger.

I gave a quick kiss on the cheek, but he pulled me in to give me a long, passionate kiss on the lips that left me wanting more. I smiled at him and stood beside his car waiting for him to open it for me. Once we were both in the car he started the engine and drove towards the beach. “Harsh” he said looking at me with those gorgeous blue eyes of his “I can’t hear anything besides a weird buzzing noise. Griffin said he heard the same.” I bit my lip. ‘Yeah… don’t worry about it.. it was nothing.

‘ I said, hoping he would just not talk about it. I sat at the lunch table, sandwiched between Randy and my best friend, Chloe. Though Chloe was too busy flirting with Michael Conrad to notice the stares we were getting from the rest of the student body. This was so not what I needed on a Monday. “Yuppers!

” “Sure of wha-“ He whirls me around to face him, his hand pulling my body towards his in a crashing kiss. My knees almost buckle to the pressure and I nearly forget to breathe in the sudden, overwhelming intensity. “Xavier!” I call out chokingly as he retreats only to change angles and leave me breathless yet agai, Chinese Girl Pretty.


“I don’t want my first time to be with some plastic trash.

I refuse; I’d rather you drugged me.” Beth despised needles, but she could take one for this. I am frozen, considering my own feelings. Why did I say that? I suppose it was because I felt like this wasn’t right.

Like I was betraying Xavier. But am I really betraying him when he was the second one to mark me? Where should my allegiance lie?

Chinese Girl Pretty