Chinese Girl

Asian The baby birds

Chinese GirlAfter finishing in the bathroom, I hurriedly got dressed and dried off. Then I brushed through my hair. “Kate,” she shyly replied to my inquiry. I gave her the paper back, noticing her family’s look of awe as Kate boldly stepped forward and gave me a hug. Her warm, small body curled around mine, making me laugh with happiness. At times like this, I wished for a baby sister.

“Fine.” “What?” they both stare at me, Xavier frowning as I back away from his grasp. He put his – now – bloody – hands gently on my head and started exclaiming my opened, oozing split. I cried of pai, Chinese Girl. I laughed.

She was really the only person who could get me this loosened up. If anyone else made the jokes she did, I would get so uncomfortable. Not with Chloe, though.

~KW I press send then I add him as a friend. As I was about to go inside the shower room I heard a message. I looked over at him, his eyes were glazed over and his face was in a grimace.

“What?” I asked him. Bianca glared at me as we ran after Kenzii. Kenzii passed the ball to me and I ran as fast as I “So? I said no.” “Is it your forehead?

What are you feeling?” His beautiful brown eyes search me anxiously, peering somehow into the depths of my soul. His hand reaches up and alarm immediately enters my body. My arm suddenly is pushing him away, tears flowing from my face. What is this agony? My heartbeat escalates as his head leans closer to my neck. His breathing is heavy with fear and exhaustio, Chinese Girl.

I can’t stop myself from stroking his hair with my fingertips, and wondering if things will ever get any better.

I kissed her. He shrugged.

“Sometimes it’s hard to predict who will make a person happy. But in the end, that’s what matters.

Remember what I told you when you and Randy broke up? I told you that I’d accept any boy you brought home, no matter who he was, as long as he made you happy.

Honey, we owe Logan the same.”

Chinese Girl