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Chinese Mail Order WifeI walked all the way upstairs to Mason’s room and sat on his bed. A few minutes later Mason came up. He was surprised seeing me on his bed because usually I would be in my room. He walked up to me and cupped my face. He was moving closer until are lips finally touched. A soft kiss was what he gave me. I responded not wasting any time. I kissed him back, but passionately.

Then he pulled me closer trying to close the distance between us. A demon that didn’t like bloodshed, “So why are you here?” She asked him cocking her head to the side as he looked around.

“Hey.” “Xavier,” I whisper, crouching down and touching his shoulder.

Even this feels invigorating, in all the wrong ways. I’m inwardly both repelled and fascinated by my thoughts at this moment, especially after a particularly dreary period of time. With a heartfelt groan, Beth turned to his mobile, flickering through the contacts which didn’t hold any useful numbers.

Her father’s number was there, but she didn’t have the guts to contact him, besides, he must’ve been pissed beyond belief to leave her with Derik anyway.

“If you live this house, you are the rooster got that?!” “I’m pissing my pants! You really do scare me Chad.” Alvin said rolling his eyes. I jumped as a door flew open and banged on the white, marble wall. I fell on James and used him as my support, but the bad news was that James lost his balance too. “What a load of BS,” Jake finally mutters, stepping forward so that he’s in front of me. “We’ll be walking straight into our deaths, and then Ray truly would be dead for nothing.

” “I don’t have a mating mark on my stomach. Never had one,” I scoff, ignoring the throbbing in my elbow.

I barely notice he is moving until he catches my elbow and holds it tightly.

“It’s all right,” I told her. “You don’t have to say anything. Especially not about her. I don’t hate her. She’s not the one who betrayed me.” “Wha-? Sea, it’s Dylan, wake up!” “Well, it is really late and everyone is clearing out of the house. It is time to come meet the guys I picked for you”. “Nothing, everything is fine, we give getting ready to sleep.

” Jason said. I kicked the ball from Shianne’s legs. “There’s a hot girl right here.” He said jokingly, elbowing me in the arm. “And I guess I… just wanted to get to know you better.

” He admitted, and my heart practically melted.

”hey beautiful”said lucas to me. And with that i mean i turned more red. I tried to hide my face in my hair.

Chinese Mail Order Wife