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Chinese Mature DatingAfter 10 minutes, i wrote everything that seemed to explain the incident that happened yesterday. I told dad that I was going to go help Miss Rain in the staff room. I know I shouldn’t have lied but I can’t really tell my dad that I’m going into the boy’s empty dorm room, could i? I took a few fumbling steps toward Cash and the exit, but right before I made it to the door, my sandal snagged on a wrinkle in the rug, sending me stumbling forward.

Naturally, I fell right into Cash’s arms. God, he was good. This was clearly arranged to make me crazy. Now that he was leading the boys’ side, distracting me would obviously be his goal. And he knew just how to do it, too. I grabbed a clean set of clothes that I had put out last night and set off towards my bathroom. I jumped inside my shower and ran the water as hot as it would go, I quickly washed my hair and body and jumped back out of the shower a few minutes later.

I wrapped my hair up in a towel and dressed out of my pajamas and into my clean clothes.

I brushed my teeth and grabbed my hair dryer from out of the cupboard, walking back into my bedroom.

I sat on the foot of my bed and half dried my hair. I would have done it properly if I wern’t short for time and wern’t so tiered.

But hey, that’s what I get for staying up late watching ‘How I met your mother’.

“And not with her,” I continued. “She’s… she’s awful.

So bossy and demanding and obnoxious.” I can’t believe you are also going against me! I thought we were on the same boat! And it wasn’t all my fault, ok?! I tried to explain to him about what happen and all of the sudden, he was mad at me. He’s just f*cking piss for no reason and it’s too bad, he has a f*cking temper! And also, I didn’t say anything wrong.

He was the one that said, ‘You make me regret living’! And why should I be apologizing when he is just sitting around relaxing?

I told a deep breath from my long rant. He moved my face down and pressed his lips softly to mine. When he pulled away, he looked passed me and his grin came back. I looked over and realized my parents stood in the doorway to the kitche, Chinese Mature Dating. Daddy had his arms crossed over his chest, looking like the protective father I knew and loved, and mom was looking at us both with an inquisitive expression on her face.

Chinese Mature Dating