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Chinese PersonalsI sat in the library, my feet curled under me reading Jane Eyre. My legs were feeling much better, and I could actually walk for a short time without needing assistance. I had just gotten done with the first chapter of the book when Linda walked i, Chinese Personals. She smiled at me. “Hello dear, I hope I didn’t disturb you. I’m just here to tell you that I’ll be off visiting my niece for four days and you’ll be home alone, except of course for Daniel being here, but he works long hours. So I just got back from the grocery store with food and beverages that should last for the duration of my stay with my niece.

” She murmured. Blood-tears flooded her vision and she pressed her trembling lips to her knees, hoping if she kept silent, he would just disappear. That way she would never have to face him – immature as it was. “So, why did you come to this school?

” she asked.

I got a bowl from the cabinet and sat down at the table. I grabbed the coco puffs and poured some followed by milk. I looked up at the guys. Why? Gabriel stared at his fingertip and as if compelled he went to lick the glitter off when Blair grabbed hold of his hand, “No. No please don’t do that.” She whispered desperately trying to stop him. “ For what?” I got into the ballroom dancing frame. This is the first time I could really study Vanessa close up (not counting the time that we kissed).

“I think I need to go home.” I told Damian, giving him a pointed stare, telling him that I needed to speak with him. He chuckled, “I came here way too ofte, Chinese Personals.” “Xavier!

” I exclaim.

He still seems to be half-asleep, yet smiling all the while. I nodded.

Than at the next second, Chinese Personals they started chatting agai, Chinese Personals. They act like I have never asked for their names.

Walking out of the changing room, Jacques smiled at me. “You look smokin’, Eve,” “Kayden?!

” Asked Aaron His eyes darkened with anger this time. “Don’t ever say that! You are more than gorgeous, you’re exquisite.

” He growled, gripping my shoulders angrily. And the world’s gonna know your name I get over my initial shock and look at the person on top of me. A girl! Impatience clouds my mind. What kind of girl? A great friend?

A lover?

Chinese Personals