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I walked all the way in and shut the door. “I don’t want to talk about this here,” I hissed, knowing we’d already attracted the attention of a few bystanders. Deep down, I wanted to scream, How could you? What the fuck is wrong with you? But my instincts kicked in before I could do anything so dramatic. Instead, I was stiff, cut off. Chloe called me Little Miss Ice Queen, and that’s how I felt. Emotionless.

I was safer that way. ‘Baby Girl- I suddenly realize that we are standing right before the big wooden doors that I had seen once before.

Consumed in my thoughts, I had not even realized that we were still walking. A twinge of sadness enters me. I would have enjoyed hearing stories from when I was young.

When we were together.

“N-nothing. I just know that he’s a terrible ma, Chinese Singles.” Dex looked at me, amusement in his eyes. His face was close to mine, smooth as marble, and the slightest of red giving life to his rather pale complexio, Chinese Singles.

His lips, plump from the use of chapstick, were curled in enjoyment as he surveyed my form, splayed out before him, my head on his shoulder, like he owned me or something.

“Get it Lucy!” I yelled to Lucy He gave the order and we want to sit on the table. The others were still ordering. Dylan face to me, a stern look. Oh god. “Get some paper towels, I’ll clean it up. Try to cut the onion, and crack the eggs into a giant bowl.” I did as so and handed Dylan some rolls of paper towels.

Now the onion and eggs, I can do this right? Wait…all the bowls are in the high cabinet, and I’m short.

I can do this, you can jump high Sea. Jump, jump, jump, along with fails in all of them. But I quickly regained my trace of thought. “I think it’s you, not the skunk up there,” I laughed at the sheer incredulity of what I said. His scent was actually the mix of strawberries and mint, a fantastic aroma that delighted the senses and made me sigh with awe. “What happened? Ms. Penn found out?” “Whatever you say Nikki, but we both know that it’s a lame excuse don’t you think?

” I hear him chuckle.

I then smiling inside, yeah right! He didn’t buy the lame excuse. I take a deep breath and decided to get out of the bathroom before anything else could happe, Chinese Singles.

He made me stand 8 feet away from my touchdown line. “I’m bra’s.” I muttered Still there is nothing.

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