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Chinese WomenDaniel led me through the house, never heading towards the stairs. “I’ve put your room on the first floor, just because it’s easier for you to move around without having the hassle of taking the stairs in your conditio, Chinese Women. After you heal, I can move you upstairs if you’d like.” He shrugged.

“Are you going to Ashton’s tonight? ” Oblivious it seemed to anyone else but me, that her voice always seemed to get a little higher whenever Emily said his name. Ashton had short brown hair, with dark blue eyes and, as Emily like to say, “the body of a god”. He was muscular, and fit, with a slight tan and the biggest hands I’d ever seen on a guy. He said it was because he played bass in his band, though he never talked much about the band. “Wake up, Vanessa!

” “Whatever do you mean? I look absolutely fine, what are you wearing?

” “I guess she finished all the brownies,” I said with a small laugh.

The laughter was just a few steps away. I could hear Finn now, talking about winning the match. I forced myself to think of Randy while I worked in the magazine room. Despite our current issues, I had a great boyfriend. One who didn’t deserve a girlfriend with a wandering eye. Or mind. “Olivia, this is my little sister Brigit, I call her Brigee”.

“What are you?” Sidney looks in horror at the suddenly nonexistent cut, I wincing.

These, out of all other words, hurts me the most. “Yeah and Cat here had to get him off me, can you believe that? Tiny Tina had to help me!” he teased.

“I doubt even I could have saved you if radii are beyond your comprehensio, Chinese Women.” The joke slipped out before I realized it. “So . . . ummm . . .” I said, trying to bring back the topic.

Xavier quickly stands behind me as I close my eyes agai, Chinese Women. “Are you okay?” He murmurs softly into my ear. My heart starts beating like a drum, distracting me from the swirl of thoughts I am trying to create.

I marveled at the little girl’s simplicity, yet colossal understanding.

She seemed to comprehend everything about her father, his feelings, his words… the meaning behind his words.

Felicia was so intuitive… she seemed to have gotten the best genes.

I took a deep breath and nodded. Lifting my hand to the handle of the door. I cracked the door open and peeked i, Chinese Women. The nurse was checking Aunt Mabel’s IV. “Is it alright if I sit in for a while?

” I asked her in a whisper, as not to wake them. I nodded. “ What’s wrong Ty?” mike chuckled.

Chinese Women