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Christian DateJust as I finished explaining, I felt pain hit my stomach and gasped. I lurched into a standing position and took a step toward the door, only to cry out and fall on one knee. Lily came running out, leaning down beside me. “Cat! What’s wrong?” Get up! You are about to miss your chance!

”i could never have taken you to be a classical perso, Christian Date.

” I whacked his face with my fist, and stood upright. Dex held his face in pain, moaning a little. All the guys ran over to get food except Aaron and I. We cautiously walked up to the stove.

We looked at each other then at the other guys how were just about t sit dow, Christian Date. “Under the circumstances,” his friend added, “maybe you should keep it that way.” “There is one other room available,” Xavier plainly explains, “but it’s connected to Wes’s room.” “Two.” “Heey did you print everything out?” I asked. “Yeah, lets start gluing everything on now.” He replied without even turning to face me. I walked into the small room that was pained a light pink color.

It had white tiles on the ground.

The furniture was all made of wood, and in the middle of the room sat a big table with 2 chairs surrounding it. It looked so old fashion but who cares. I opened my bag and took all the paper out. Then I started to cut them while Nathan arranged where everything would go. This was my Peter. “Please don’t touch me, asshole.

” I said and sent him dagger looks, but only his smirk got bigger.

What do we do next? “Who said I wanted to live in the same house as him?” I stare pointedly at the annoying man before me. “ People don’t seem to like me very much,” I shrugged. He started laughing, and let out a laugh. “ What can you do about it?” I mumbled.

It was time. “E…everything’s w…wrong, I got k…kicked out of m…my apartment, I…I’ve got n…nowhere to g…g…go” I answered then Will wrapped me in a tight hug and I hugged him tighter

Christian Date