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College DatingI ran up the stairs as fast as I could without spilling the water. I just couldn’t wait to see his face. I grasped the doorknob and slowly eased my way into the silent bedroom. Jake was still asleep, sprawled across the bed. The clock on the nightstand blinked 5:00 am at me. I scrambled over to the bed and slowly edged the cups over. First the hot water: Three, two, one— Matt’s POV (new POV!) “You’re absolutely right, I’m sorry for the false accusatio, College Dating.” He chuckled.

“What are you doing?”He asks, but I wave him off with my hand. “Thanks for your help!” She nodded as I rushed towards the elevators.

Then I remembered—Cole. I looked back and saw him standing outside the glass door. He waved a reassuring hand and I mouthed ‘thank-you’. He motioned that he would be waiting outside until I came out. I nodded as the elevator door dinged. “ Come on Ty!” He groaned.

“Oh my reminder” I answered “Can we go to the dryers for a second?” “Ah-” He paused for a second, “who’s this?” The assistant lead me over to where there were dog beds, play toys and food. I picked out a small blue bed for him, and loads of toys and food. She took him away from me for a minute to make sure he was fine to go. I stood waiting for him to come back, tapping my fingers on the desk. “You owe me.” Vincent said, College Dating then he too walked down stairs I woke up around noon; I really did feel bad about how I treated Neil last night.

I went down to the dining hall and ate my breakfast with my father. He gave me a look of disappointment. Did he know what happened last night?

I could feel like eventually I was going to get a lecture, probably not until after my afternoon with Reece.

After I had finished eating, Reece took me out to the same park as Leo, College Dating. We walked around for a little bit then Reece decided to make conversatio, College Dating. “I would like 6 peice of salmon, 4 peice of spicy tuna, 2 dragon handrolls, 2 crunchy eel with spice and a cup of Jasmine tea, please.” Jason said. Quickly, I stuffed the book into my backpack and, before Logan could notice anything was up, I started commandeering the radio dial.

College Dating